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Hope Siler and Jenny West had been friends for several years before they started working together on the board of a grassroots festival in 2016. They immediately recognized in each other a shared passion for live events and a commitment to producing them safely. Siler + West was founded a year later with the goal of bringing exciting new event concepts to Middle Tennessee. 


Since its inception, Siler + West has produced a variety of successful events including (but not limited to) album release parties, professional workshops, weddings, fashion shows, and fundraisers. Whether your event is for five people or 500, Siler + West will provide exceptional service by treating your time, money, and reputation like it’s their own.

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Siler draws on years of first hand experience working different festivals when creating new event concepts. She executes them with a signature blend of creativity and moxie that always gets results. She applies her past experience in corporate sponsorship, PR, and SEO to enhancing clients’ events and making them stand out in Nashville’s busy market. When Siler’s not event planning, you can find her in the DJ booth at Lightning 100 or making jewelry for her home goods company, Siler Sisters.



West started producing events when she was just a teenager and hasn’t stopped in the decade since. She’s a master strategist who thrives on creating order from chaos. Her experience in project management helps her guide clients smoothly through each step of the planning process. Her marketing savvy and relentless optimism are sure to draw the best out of even the most difficult events. West spends her free time drinking at her favorite craft breweries or working out in her back yard.




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