It's no surprise the founders of Siler + West met doing live events. While they were both students at Belmont University, Hope Siler and Jenny West interned together at the local concert series, Musicians Corner. As their friendship grew, they worked side by side on events ranging from grassroots music festivals, benefit concerts, art shows and more! 

Siler is a badass who's always down to try something new! You've probably seen her hosting live shows for Lightning 100, where she DJ's part-time. This festival queen has worked everything from small town shows to Bonnaroo! When she's not busy event planning, you'll find her throwing punches in her favorite kickboxing class.

West is a master strategist who loves to discuss event ideas over a cold local beer! It's a habit she developed growing up in Delaware, down the road from Dogfish Head Brewery. Her marketing savvy and relentless optimism are sure to draw the best out of even the most difficult events.




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